Obedience Classes
All Obedience Classes are in a session structure. At the end of each class you are given the opportunity to do touch work on different pieces of agility equipment.  Your dog will think this is playtime, but this work is reinforcing their listening skills and bettering the bond.
Puppy Only - This class is offered on Saturday mornings only.  Puppies must be 6 months or younger on the first day of class and have had at least 1 in the series of puppy shots.  You start learning how to train your puppy and your puppy begins learning how to listen to you.  Some basic skills are taught along with social playtime and a bit of puppy confidence building using agility equipment.
Basics - All new dogs start in the Basic Class, no matter what their age. This class is 7 weeks long and focuses on the basic commands such as sit, down, stand, come, leave it, stay, and more. Positive reinforcement is the primary technique in this class. The first class in the session is "dog free" and mandatory.
Intermediate - All teams that complete the Basic Class are invited to join in the Intermediate Class. This class is a 6 week session. You will solidify the previously learned commands, begin distance work and increase your bond with your dog. Many teams completing the Intermediate Class are capable of succeeding at the Canine Good Citizen Test.
Advanced - This class is by invitation only. Teams must display good working knowledge of obedience commands and have a reliable recall. Static commands, off leash work, formal heeling, formal recalls, proofing recalls and more are worked in this class. Most in this class enjoy competing in rally and obedience.

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