SitStay Dog Training
1650 S. Meridian    Wichita, KS
With positiveand consistent training, you can teach your dog to be an obedient, socialized,and well-behaved pet.  We will teach YOU how to work with your dog.  SitStay Dog Training will help you decide what methods are best for you and your dog.

We offer obedience classes for the pet owner and competitive teams,

rally classes for competitive teams, Therapy Dog and Canine Good

Citizen classes and testing, private lessons and behavior modification

sessions,  and nose work classes.  These classes are held in a 1,200 sq ft

climate controlled, matted facility.

150+ Therapy Dog Teams
180+ Canine Good Citizen Teams
90+ American Kennel Club Titles
40+ United Kennel Club Titles
Know your instructors:
Are they certified?
Have they been instructing other people and their dogs for years?
Are they insured?
Do they come with the highest recommendations?
Are their dogs titled and certified above the levels that they are teaching?
Good manners and basic obedience commands are essential to the happiness of all dogs and the people who love them.

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