Basics   $140/7 weeks
Saturday, August 11  9:00am (FULL)
Monday, August 27  6:00pm
Intermediate   $130/6 weeks
Thursday, August 2   6:00pm (FULL)
Monday, August 27  7:00pm
Advanced  with tricks $125/6 weeks
   Tuesdays   9:00am and 10:00am              Tuesdays  6:00pm 
Thursdays 7:00pm
UKC Rally and Obedience
Starts September 5
RO1  Wednesdays 5, 6, and 7pm
Thursdays 9am and 7pm
RO2  Thursdays 10am
Nosework I   $130/5 weeks
  Nosework II   $45/2 weeks
Behavior Modification-$400/6 weeks Private Classes/in building
In your home - Behavior Modification 
Call to schedule
Therapy Dog Test 
Canine Good Citizen Test
Call to schedule 
If you use Paypal, please email me through this website and let me know your name, phone number, email and which class you would like reserved for you and your dog.  I will call you to confirm.

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